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About Dr. Mencer

     Research Interests and Opportunities

Dr. Mencer has interests in a variety of research areas as outlined below. For more information about opportunities to pursue research in any of these areas, contact Dr. Mencer
You can also visit my profiles at ResearchGate or Google Scholar.

Disciplinary Research Interests

  1. Characterization of Chemical Systems
    • NMR as a tool for studying dynamic processes
    • FT-IR as a tool for studying dynamic processes
    • UPLC-MS as a tool to purify and identify chemicals of interest
  2. Applications of Analytical Chemistry
    • detection of antineoplastic pharmaceuticals in water
    • detection of residual pesticides in the food supply
    • NMR as a probe tool for model macromolecular systems
  3. Synthesis of Novel Molecules with Potential for Medicinal Applications
    • Reactions of dihydrolevoglucosenone with aromatic aldehydes
    • Reactions of dihydrolevoglucosenone with a variety of substituted acetophenones
    • Reactions of dihydrolevoglucosenone with bisacetophenone with subsequent derivatization
    • Synthesis of E-exocyclic enones, hemiketals, and spironolactones
  4. Room temperature ionic liquids (RTILs)
    • preparation of RTILs
    • spectroscopic investigations of polarity of RTILs
    • electrochemical studies using RTILs as solvents
    • kinetic studies in ionic liquids
  5. Advanced materials - preparation and characterization
    • novel materials syntheses via - mechanical alloying, low temperature chemical consolidation, and electroless deposition
    • modifiaction of natural materials to produce novel nanocomposite materials
    • studies of corrosion and oxidation
    • thermal stability of materials
    • investigations of iron oxides and oxyhydroxides
  6. Electrocoagulation (EC)
    • fundamental studies of the solids produced during EC; especially green rust
    • investigations of the efficacy of EC for wastewater treatment - role of different electrodes

Pedagogical Interests

  1. Chemistry lecture curriculum development
    • development of web-based learning environments and resources
    • development of on-line simulations
    • development of course materials to enhance preparation for organic chemistry
  2. Chemistry laboratory curriculum development
    • development and testing of new experiments for general chemistry, analytical chemistry, and instrumental analysis

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