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Almost all of the pages on this site have been written to incorporate links that are not underlined (or not decorated in HTML lingo). However, all the links are still different in color from the surrounding text. So, if you're not sure if something is a link, mouseover it or click on it to find out!


This site is best viewed with a minimum resolution of at least 800 x 600. I also advise the use of a reasonably small text size (ex. Font = Times New Roman, Size = 10 pt or 12 pt). This cuts down on (but doesn't entirely eliminate) the need to use scroll bars. This in turn makes the browsing experience more enjoyable :-) Use the browser of your choice, as long as it is Opera, Sea Monkey, Firefox, Google Chrome, IE, or for Mac users Safari.

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This site is designed, coded and maintained by Dr. Don Mencer in his spare time. Feel free to let me know if you find errors or have suggestions or comments.


This site is contructed and maintained using eitherNotepad or Text Wrangler (now BBEdit).


Content on this site is the the property of the site author. Feel free to use the site, but if you decide to borrow content from the site please ask first.

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