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Tons of links related to NMR


Hornak Text:
Lots of links and snippets:
"Keith Brown's page (U.Sask)"
Acronyms, etc:
Glenn Facey's blog (U. Ottawa)
    It looks like this site is getting overrun by spammers, but there’s still useful stuff buried in it.


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Various Applets (Fourier Series, Filtering, etc):
More procrastination-fodder:
Listening to waves/filtering
Listening to FIDs (picture the differences in the FIDs between a sugar and water)
Walter Bauer: NMR Meets Musicians

FT process:
DFT explanation
Create a wave and Manually FT it   (applet)
Phase vs real/imaginary:
Phasing      Top page  Lots of applets; scroll far down for links.
Visual Explanation of Convolution   (1/4 down pg)

Pulses, Spins, etc
90°/180° pulse effect
Precession, etc:
   (lots of little demos; have your finger on the pause-button as they play.)


Probe pix:
Probe Innards — probe-head
    Nested Coils: two coils and three coils
MAS (solid) probe:
Solid State probehead and sample holders
    ditto,   ter
Probe Innards — electronics
    The original page, which is no longer maintained.
    The replacement page, which has less content.
Tons of probe-construction photos

Shim coils: shapes and effects
Poole Thesis:  See pp 39–58 of pdf file for lots of graphics.
MRI Shim Coils
     Manufacture of MRI shim coils:  See pp 89–93 of pdf file for graphics.
    Note that the current in the two halves of each coil flows in opposite directions,
    in order to establish a gradient in the appropriate direction (x, y, or z).
The AcornNMR Shimming Treatise
gradient shimming:
 TopShim — Bruker SpinReport #156 (pdf)
 simplex shimming — Bruker SpinReport #154 (pdf)

Magnet Innards:
High-Field Magnets
Magnet Overview + Annotations
     If link doesn’t work, try here
Annotated cutaway     closer photo
a JEOL magnet, layer by layer
YouTube video with some explanation.
step-by-step disassembly
  Best to disable javascript for this page.
Close-Up a 60 MHz Electromagnet:
The ESR and its electromagnet
Magnet poles, with sample     Closer view, with sample-holder removed

60 MHz Instruments
Console contained analog electronics, controls, and plotter;   Electromagnet housed in square box.
Varian EM-360
Varian EM-360 console
Varian FT-80 on left; click photo to enlarge.
  This is the model I used as an undergrad.





NMR levity at the University of Saskatchewan (bottom of page).
FT Song (mp3 link at bottom of page), and the video ... (be very scared).
YouTube goodies   Do not try these at home.
PV=nRT in action
Don’t be a ding-dong (pdf, p2)
 The original, less sanitized version seems to have disappeared. :/


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