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     Research Interests and Opportunities

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Disciplinary Research Interests

  1. Advanced materials - preparation and characterization
    • novel materials syntheses via - mechanical alloying, low temperature chemical consolidation, and electroless deposition
    • modifiaction of natural materials to produce novel nanocomposite materials
    • studies of corrosion and oxidation
    • thermal stability of materials
    • investigations of iron oxides and oxyhydroxides
  2. Electrocoagulation (EC)
    • fundamental studies of the solids produced during EC; especially green rust
    • investigations of the efficacy of EC for wastewater treatment - role of different electrodes
  3. Applications of Analytical Chemistry
    • detection of antineoplastic pharmaceuticals in water
    • detection of residual pesticides in the food supply
    • NMR as a probe tool for model macromolecular systems
  4. Room temperature ionic liquids (RTILs)
    • preparation of RTILs
    • spectroscopic investigations of polarity of RTILs
    • electrochemical studies using RTILs as solvents
    • kinetic studies in ionic liquids
  5. Characterization of Biochemical Systems - topics for my sabbatical (Jan. - Aug. 2008)
    • NMR as a tool for studying dynamic biochemical processes
    • FT-IR as a tool for studying dynamic biochemical processes
    • Ultra-fast spectroscopic studies of dynamic biochemical processes

Pedagogical Interests

  1. Chemistry lecture curriculum development
    • development of web-based learning environments and resources
    • development of on-line simulations
    • development of course materials to enhance preparation for organic chemistry
  2. Chemistry laboratory curriculum development
    • development and testing of new experiments for general chemistry, analytical chemistry, and instrumental analysis

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