Principal Investigator

Dr. Joshua M. Blechle

B.S. Chemistry, Truman State University
Ph.D. Physical/Analytical Chemistry, Colorado State University

As a physical and analytical chemist, my interests lie in the design and implementation of experiments which help to elucidate the fundamental interactions of complex systems. My fascination with non-thermal plasmas was developed during my graduate work and continues to be a focus of my research efforts. Plasmas provide a unique (and largely unexplored) chemical environment that have a number of controllable parameters which significantly impact the overall chemistry of the resulting system. This tunability allows for limitless areas of scientific exploration with far-reaching applications.

Washington, MO

Craft beer, comics, and grilling

Current Group Members

Darren Dolan

I'm a transfer student from Temple University. I really enjoy the smaller school setting because it allowed me to get involved and know the professors on a personal level. Once I got to know Dr. Blechle and more about the projects he was working on I knew I wanted to be a part of them. I think it's really neat to be working with plasmas because it's an area of science that hasn't been thoroughly explored and the applications are diverse.

Forty Fort, PA

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